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Imagining a better tomorrow for our future generations

About Us


Kidding the Future is an initiative to explore futures from the perspectives of children and gather futures insights from the international community of futurists, activists, thinkers, and provocateurs. Through a collage of interview dialogues, gaming adventures, quizzes and futures imagining experiences, we strive to imagine and build a preferred future for our younger generation.

Hiba Umar talks with Dr. Peter

Dr. Peter C. Bishop is a professional futurist, a retired Associate Professor of Strategic Foresight, and the former Director of the graduate program in Futures Studies at the University of Houston.

What does Futures Thinking mean for children? Hiba Umar talks to Deona Julary

Deona Julary is a senior at Hinsdale Central High School in Illinois, USA (FPS Coach + Evaluator, North America’s UNICEF Youth Foresight Fellow)

Learning through Play

Our children are going to inherit a challenging and uncertain world. Through this initiative, we strive to prepare our future generations with futures-thinking skills.
This learning process involves gaming, interaction, meditation, drawing, and a host of fun-filled activities for change agents, activists, teachers and children.