The science of sustainable development issues can be challenging, yet solving the crisis means we all need some level of knowledge about it.



Players will learn while having a

good time.


Appeals to collective intelligence and

ideal for team-building.


Visuals make it easier to

remember the key messages.


Each collage is unique in terms of its

title, shape and design.


All you need is a set of cards,

markers, paper, table and you’re good

to go.


All data are taken from reports

validated by scientific or renowned


The Climate Fresk Game

In 3 hours, this fun, participatory and creative workshop on climate change, provides an understanding of the essential issues of climate change.  the cause-effect relationship between different components of the global ecosystem is used, to inform better actions and choices.

The Circular Economy Collage

A fun and educational workshop using collective intelligence to explain and inspire. The Circular Economy Collage is a collaborative workshop that looks at our existing (linear) economic model, highlights its impacts and invites you to explore a different, circular model, that uses fewer resources, designs out waste and respects the limits of our planet.

The Biodiversity Collage

An interactive and collaborative workshop to enable participants to discover how ecosystems function, the uses of biodiversity for humankind, its interactions with human activity and the threats biodiversity currently faces.

Samandar Kahani (The Tale of the Sea)

Oceans form 3/5 of the Earth but we know very little about them. Samandar Kahani is an interactive gaming experience to sensitize participants on the dynamics of human activities and their consequences to the global maritime ecosystem.

Textiles UnTangled

Discover the life cycle of fabrics, the social and environmental impacts of the textile industry, and alternatives for sustainable textiles. This collaborative workshop illustrates the complexities and impacts (social and ecological) of the textile industry by using clothing as a case study. You will create the production chain of textiles, learn about the industry’s impact, and then work together to find solutions and actions you can take.

The Digital Collage

The Digital Collage aims to raise awareness and train participants about the environmental and social issues associated with human use of technology and digital services as well as the key recommended actions.

The Water Puzzle Workshop

This gaming workshop builds a global vision of the water cycle.
1️⃣. The natural water cycle⛲
2️⃣. The anthropogenic water cycle (influenced by humans) 🤽
3️⃣. The impacts of humans on water and its cycle 🌐
4️⃣. The impact of climate change on these cycles 🐬


These games are very versatile tools, which have been used by different audiences in different ways. Examples include:  

  • Training of staff and students on climate science using fun and gaming
  • Dedicated workshops for administrators to build their green strategy
  • Gaming workshops as part of conferences and class rooms to train students
  • Sensitize diverse audiences to their role in addressing sustainability issues. We have worked with police officers, psychologists, architects, policy analysts, schools and NGOs to create powerful shared experiences on climate solutions and actions